何一つわからないってところから祈る|Say “I don’t know anything!”

私は何一つわかっていなかった! というSFチックな体験を伴う癒しがいくつも起きて、そこから頻繁に爆笑の波が来る、という生活がしばらく続いている。


ところで、献身的にこの道を歩んでいる兄弟たちは、「Stop, Ask,Listen and Follow」の言葉を合言葉に、立ち止まって聖霊のガイダンスを聞いて従う、という生活をしている。










全面的に聖霊に話を聞いたほうが 絶対に自分の利益になる

↓ 動画は、自分の判断がいかにあてにならないかわかって爆笑しているときのやつです。




◆悪霊は存在しない|There are no evil spirits


I had none of it figured out! I have been living for a while now, with several healing experiences that involve a sci-fi experience called “I didn’t know what I was doing” and frequent waves of laughter coming from it.
My abdominal muscles physically ache because of this.
When forgiveness occurs, there is a clear sense that the context before and after was a fabricated story of the ego.

I didn’t understand anything at all.
I can’t help but laugh when I feel a super experience like science fiction, or something that penetrates through me.

By the way, the brothers who are walking this path with devotion are living their lives with the words “Stop, Ask, Listen and Follow” as their watchword, stopping to listen and follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

I am aware of these words, but I have yet to listen to the Holy Spirit in all aspects of my daily life.

When I am anxious or feel that darkness is rising and I am in trouble, I am aware of my own helplessness, so I pray honestly and try to rely on the Holy Spirit.
On the other hand, when things are “seemingly peaceful” (as I judge myself to be), they move without asking the Holy Spirit.

I suddenly realized that it is because I judge the situation by myself and think that I can handle it by myself.

Because I believe that the context before and after has meaning.
Because I believe that the world exists on a linear time line.
Because I believe that causality is external.

So I believe that I am capable of self-judgment.

But, I identified with the ego, have no ability to judge the situation. It is absolutely impossible.
Because “my belief in causality” is a fabricated story by the ego.

Or rather, “my judgment” based on the assumption that I know “who I am” is wrong at every turn.

Because I do not know who I am.

Without the perception that “my criteria for judging whether something is bad or not is COMPLETELY wrong,” I cannot conclude that “the idea that I can handle it by myself is insane”.

It is absolutely in my best interest to listen to the Holy Spirit in its entirety.
The conviction that “I am capable of self-judgment” cannot be reached with the arrogance that “I am capable of self-judgment.

↓ The video is of me laughing when I realized how unreliable my judgment is.
I live with a completely crazy perception of “holy” as a specter or something horrible.

Oh, then what!
All the frequent kinbaku and other things that have happened to me since childhood were all defenses against devine love? I understood this with laughter and astonishment.

I perceive the “sacred” as a specter or something terrible.
I live with a completely crazy perception.

This completely deranged perception stems from my desire.

In May of 2021, I thought I understood this intellectually, but I am so grateful to have been made to understand it so clearly as a physical experience.
◆悪霊は存在しない|There are no evil spirits

Illustration of how ghosts become scary