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My ACIM lesson is currently 133. I follow the rule that don’t work more than once a day. I sometimes work on a lesson for more than a week. That’s why my learning speed is little bit slow.

There are 365 lessons in all, so it’s still a long way off. Transforming perception is one of the goals of this course, so I’ll keep going.

By the way, as I study this course, sometimes my friends ask for a brief description of this course.I haven’t reached the end of the workbook yet (I’ll continue learning indefinitely after one lap), but I’ll put together my understanding at this stage to sort out my thoughts.At the end of the article, there are also books that I used as a reference for learning. Excuse me, all books are only in Japanese. In English, I guess you could easy to find many great books (╹▽╹)








    Outline of ACIM(English) 

This world is an illusion made by the mind.A projector called Mind repeats the past playback endlessly using the screen of the world.It is based on the feeling of guilt of the “illusion of separation from God (perfect love)”.So, everything in this world reflects guilt, fear, and separation.

For example, all desires come down to physical comfort and convenience.In addition, the authority is also converged to the false perception that “the individual separated body is the self.

In reality, the heart that exists outside the world is our true nature. And this heart is one spirit and one with God(perfect love).

I never want to see the same pattern of horror movies (unhappiness) anymore.But I realized that it didn’t make sense to work on the screen (the physical world).

In order to radically heal the projected world, it is necessary to heal my heart, the projector.With the healing of my heart, the scenery displayed on the screen of the world is also healed.This is because the world made by the projection of fear changes to the world created by the extension of love.

But the truth is…Since the heart is one with God, our heart has never been hurt in the first place.

Our heart has never been compromised.

So what really matters is the perceptual error of believing that I’m hurt.

We have two thought systems.

・Fear-based ego thinking system

= I believe in separation from God.I believe in the existence of linear time (past and future) and the existence of space.Believing that each separated physical body is self, the concepts of profit and loss and the perpetrators/victims arise.

・The Holy Spirit’s thinking system based on love

= I know I have never left from God. There is no time or space. There is no past or future, there is only here now.As one spirit, we are one, so we are to receive = to give, and there is no concept of profit or loss or perpetrator/victim.

When we perceive the world, the same thing is interpreted differently depending on which thought system we are based on.In other words, whether you see heaven here or hell here, it all depends on which thought system you choose.

ACIM trains us to choose a love-based Holy Spirit thinking system by healing our perception.

Perception is basically based on past learning. We are reacting to the interpretation of the event, not the event itself.

Perception gives “meaning” to the world.The concept that reflexively springs up to things is the result of past learning.

The perception based on the separated identity that the body is self creates the concept of yin and yang duality, such as inside and outside, right and left, enemy and ally.On the other hand, this course presupposes the identity of “I am a spirit and Christ (children of the Holy God).”By sharing the perception with the Holy Spirit, the “meaning” for the world is transformed into something based on love.

By “seeing” with the HS, the world made by the ego’s thinking system “did not exist in the first place.”

When the meaning of the world is transformed into love, the perceived landscape of the world changes.That is,Our true nature is ONE-spirit.There is no death,There is nothing sacred in shape,Both praise and criticism belong to the ego,There is no “special thing” anywhere.There is no time or space, so there is no past or future.

All problems comes from a belief in shape, a belief in a linear timeline.In other words, by “returning” to “love” where time does not exist, all problems disappear.Not only the problem, but the heavens and the earth all disappear from our sight.(Talking about time and perception will be lengthy so I’ll omit it)

In summary, ACIM is a teaching that “ends the world.”To end the world is not to destroy it, but to translate it into felicity.



















ACIMでは、「聖霊と一緒にこの状況を見ることを選びたい」と望むことで、愛の視点つまり「分離は起きていない」という視点を選択し続けることを練習します。 それにより、「世界は実在している」という知覚の誤りは徐々に浄化されます。





By “seeing” with the HS, the world made by the ego’s thinking system “did not exist in the first place.”






以上、簡単なコースの概要でした( ╹▽╹ )☆


ゲイリー・R. レナード












デイヴィッド・ホフマイスター 「覚醒へのレッスン―『奇跡のコース』を通して目覚める」

私はデイヴィッドとフランセスのオンライン・リトリート「帰り道」に参加して、初めて彼らの存在を知り、それから彼の著書を読み始めたというイレギュラーなパターンです。リアル「神の教師」による、ACIM完全実践本。デイヴィッドもフランセスも、You Tubeでたくさん動画を上げてくれているので、そちらもおすすめです。